About Us

Our Purpose

We exist to create human-centric innovations that enable environmental justice.

Rural communities are impacted significantly from the effects of climate change and pollution. However, they are often ignored as stakeholders in new value chains being created in the fight against climate change and environmental degradation. We think this is an injustice. Through small-scale, low-cost, decentralized deployments, we create an opportunity for everyone to be a part of the bio-economy.

Our Values

Be curious, be bold, be resilient

Convention doesn’t us, We are always driven by the spirit of exploration, adventure and innovative attitude. We are courageous and always ready to take up challenges.

Inclusiveness and collaboration with communication

Best decisions are made when everyone brings themselves forward to engage, collaborate and openly communicate. We value the diversity we bring to the table.

Customer is the core

Interact and understand to focus on ideas that are customer and community centric. We use deep customer insights to provide innovative and unique solutions.


We are aware of each other’s perspective and maintain mutual respect towards our customers and teammates.

Do right in everything

We are ethical, act with transparency and uncompromising integrity in everything we do.

Take ownership and be accountable

of the end results and the success. We promote distributed leadership by empowering our teammates and building trustworthy relationships to practice effective delegation.

Our Team

Kevin Kung
Co-founder & CTO
Amit Sharma
Lead Product Development, India
Austin Young
Lead Product Development, USA
Shweta Prajapati
Rod Kux
Lead Operations, USA
Rajesh Singh
Lead Biochar Projects
Vidyut Mohan
Co-founder & CEO
Kashish Dhanda
Operations Associated Biochar Projects, India
Gaurav Shreshth
Thermal Systems Engineer
Sagar Garg
Lead Data Science & Machine Learning
Operations Lead Activated Carbon Projects, India
Indresh Kumar
Farmer and Site Supervisor, India
K. Karthik
Mechanical Supervisor, India
Deoyani Sarkhot
Soil Scientist
Tristan Springer
Lead, Carbon Projects
Anjali Rajput
Researcher Farmer Practices, India